A Quick and Handy Guide to Current Facebook Advertising Options

Here’s something folks may want to keep close at hand: a straightforward guide to your (current) Facebook advertising options. A friend was looking for one recently, and Fb’s Katie Harbath was happy to provide. The basic options? “Newsfeed Ads” (mobile, desktop or both) and Sidebar Ads (“traditional” Facebook ads), plus more-specialized creatures like Homepage and Logout advertising. Trends? Sponsored stories are going away, and the desktop and mobile worlds are merging through the newsfeed.

Note that Newsfeed Ads are essentially the same as “boosted” posts, but ordered through the downloadable Facebook Power Editor, the advertising API or an Insertion Order from a Facebook rep. Also note: ads procured through Power Editor, API or IO offer much more advanced targeting options and are rumored to have better performance than those bought through the standard interface most Page owners use by default.


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Colin Delany
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