Now on C&E: Online Ad Targeting Options, and Social Media Monitoring for the Masses

Hi folks, I hope you’re enjoying the end-of-year frenzy — I’m just wrapping up the last details of the NWLC’s EOY online fundraising email sequence, and I’m sure all of our inboxes will be filling up soon with various desperate appeals for $$$ from nonprofits and campaigns.

But they tell me that to give is better than to receive, so lets pass out a couple of freebies today. Campaigns & Elections magazine just published the second installment of my running “Technology Bytes” column, with major sections covering online advertising targeting options and social media monitoring. Check ’em out and spread the word:

More content coming soon — last weekend’s Netroots NY conference was great fun and yielded some timely article ideas, starting with some cheat sheets from the two trainings I put together. Look for them shortly, along with some pre-Christmas Quick Hits.


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