On the Dearth of Online Advertising in the Wisconsin Recall Elections, Two Epolitics.com-Connected Commentators

Hi folks, be sure to check out Kate Kaye’s ClickZ article on internet politics in the Wisconsin recall elections. First, because it’s a good piece with plenty of detail on what DFA and the PCCC did to mobilize their online supporters. Second, because repeat Epolitics.com contributor Chris Talbot and I are both quoted extensively, basically bemoaning the lack of online advertising among all the Wisconsin digital outreach.

The groups definitely sound as though they’ve nailed the online-offline connection, for instance ginning up on-the-ground volunteers via email and running “virtual phone banks” to connect supporters around the country with local voters. They also fundraised heavily to finance TV ads, which is where I feel like they missed an opportunity — yes, television is an excellent medium to reach unengaged voters and the internet-deprived, but pairing TV with digital advertising can increase the effectiveness of both.

In particular, Facebook and Google can be great channels to get in front of a lot of eyeballs for a relatively small price — for Facebook campaigns, for instance, an ad that’s clicked (and hence paid-for) a few thousand times will be displayed MILLIONS of times. If you’re spending a few hundred thousand dollars on television, why not throw even just 5% or 10% of that money online instead? Multi-channel marketing, kids! It’s not just a good idea, it’s The Law.


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Colin Delany
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