Hashtag Hijack! Or: Trench Warfare, Twitter-Style

This just in from a good friend and progressive activist:

gop has a new hashtag going #hcrcostsjobs

you know what to do right? 🙂

Translation: Republicans are trying to hype the idea the health care reform is a job-killer, and they’re employing a Twitter hashtag (“#hcrcostsjobs”) to organize the online conversation about it. So naturally, Democrats spread the word about what they were doing and hijacked the hashtag, using it in messages IN FAVOR of the new health care law. As of a few minutes ago as I write this, they were succeeding — most of the users of #hcrcostsjobs over the past couple of hours have been progessive hijackers, not conservative activists. A sampling of the results:

Conservatives may have dominated the use of that hashtag yesterday, but at least for now, health care law-supporters have now pretty much taken it over. Welcome to trench warfare, Twitter-style.



  1. jte

    nice!. those twitter hash tags have been sort of a mystery to me. but in twitterverse, they are high speed aggregrator tags and- I guess- they can be used to try to force a viral social network subject as trending. as usual in the high speed rapid 144 letter communication world, ideas are easy come easy go… #winning

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