Colin Delany Email, Websites April 25, 2012

Clever Obama ‘Unsubscribe’ Page Sucks You Right Back In

Obama campaign unsubscribe page

Check out this Obama campaign page, your destination if you try to unsubscribe from his email list (via Peter Pasi). Clever, eh? Other than navigation links, here’s the entire text:

“I’m voting for the President in 2012—I just get too many emails.”

That’s what a lot of folks who end up on this page say.

Here’s why we think you should stick around: If you want to see the President re-elected in 2012, you should stay looped in on the efforts to make it happen.

Just looking to get fewer emails? We can send you campaign updates only once a week or so. Be sure to select your preferred frequency option below.

And it’s accompanied by a bouncy video designed to make supporters remember why they liked Obama in the first place. Great idea all around! A lot of people drop off email lists because they tire of the volume of messages, not because they’re weary of the cause. This page is a great example for groups that are trying to reduce their overal unsubscribe rate — give followers a choice! But also, remind people why they want to STAY involved. List-building is usually a game of incremental victories and losses — trench warfare, not blitzkrieg — and cutting your loss rate by even a small fraction helps.


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