Get Listed: Idealware’s Nonprofit Social Media Decision Making Guide

Social media consultants, start your engines — and head on over to Laura Quinn and company are working on a new guide to social media for nonprofits, which includes an opportunity for consultants (like me and many of you) to list ourselves in a directory. Here’s the scoop:

What social media techniques are likely to work for what purposes? Is Facebook likely to work better than photo sharing to recruit youth volunteers? What about to get people to sign a petition? For donations? Idealware’s Nonprofit Social Media Decision Making Guide will use research-based findings to help nonprofits answer these types of questions.

Based on six months of research — the results of three surveys, eight focus groups, and stories of what’s worked and what hasn’t from more than 250 organizations– the Decision Making Guide will provide a process to define which social media channels are likely to be the most effective based on their goals, audience, and the time they’re able to commit. It will close with a directory of the consultants who can help them define and execute a social media strategy.

The Decision Making Guide will reach an audience of nonprofits eager to understand social media — we estimate that about 5000- 10,000 will download the report (our Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Report has been downloaded more than 7500 times; our Open Source CMS report almost 12,000). Reading the Guide will give them a sense of the right direction to go, but in many cases they’ll want to turn to a consultant to fully define and execute a strategy –thus the directory. Make sure you are listed in the directory of consultants who can help them navigate that process!


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Colin Delany
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