More Campaign 2014: Social Media, Big Bucks and Negativity, What a Combo

Digital Politics Radio

Hi folks, last week I hooked up with Karen Jagoda and Digital Politics Radio for a campaign debrief, and we covered a ton of fruitful ground in just a twenty-minute chat. On the agenda: the role of social media, campaign messaging vs. campaign mechanics, why SuperPACs run more negative ads than campaigns, and a whole lot more. In the process, I tried out some ideas that ended up in Sunday’s 2014 campaign post-mortem, but Karen and I talked about more more. Check it out!

Also on the show last week: Jeff Isaac talked about politics and First Amendment rights, which is cool, but also fun stuff like slander, negative political ads, voter fraud and efforts to suppress the vote. A potent cocktail!

Check out these segments and more at — you won’t be disappointed. And, don’t forget that I’m a Digital Politics Radio Contributing Editor, and note that the show reaches political consultants and activists around the country. It’s a great way to connect with the outside-the-Beltway political class. Contact me to talk about sponsorship opportunities.


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