Guide: How to Build a Nonprofit Super-Advocate Program

Creating a super-advocate program

Hey gang! Looking to ask more of your supporters than signing petitions and pestering Congress via email? Blackbaud’s Jeanette Russell and I have you covered: earlier this year, she and I had the pleasure of putting together the first comprehensive guide to creating nonprofit super-advocate/super-ambassador programs that I’ve been able to find.

Why create a super-advocate program? From peer-to-peer fundraising to citizen lobbying, many organizations find that their most-committed supporters are willing to give more than we often ask of them. The first trick? Building the infrastructure to take advantage of their enthusiasm and put it to work for your cause or campaign. The second trick? Keeping it going for the long haul.

In the guide, we examine:

  • When it makes sense to create a super-advocate program
  • The resources you’ll need
  • Asks and activities
  • Recruiting the troops
  • Maintaining the passion
  • And since I’m a co-author, we of course talk about what can go very, very wrong

Best of all, it’s free.** What a bargain! Check it out and see what you think — we really did go into a good level of depth, and Jeanette assembled a great array of case studies to give you examples to ponder. Super-advocate programs aren’t right for every organization (I had a pilot program for a client crater this summer, for example — good thing it was a pilot), but when they work, they can be a powerful way for your supporters to advance your cause. Let me know how it goes.

**For the low, low cost of a name and email


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