New Resources, Rounded Up: This Week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

This week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants over at Kivi Leroux Miller’s Blog on Nonprofit Communications has some great resources, and I ain’t just sayin’ that ’cause they picked up my story on the Post and social media. Let’s look at what you can learn today:

Nedra Weinreich at Spare Change explains the difference between “social marketing” and “social media marketing.” Let’s all try to use these terms correctly.

Nancy Schwartz at Getting Attention asks, “Does Blogging Mark the Return of Thomas Paine?” Get her perspective on the real value of blogging to nonprofits.

Beth Kanter at Beth’s Blog has lots of great posts from this weekend’s Podcamp. I decided to link to her podcasting category instead of a single post. If you are interested in starting to podcast, Beth’s got tons of great info and advice.

Joanne Fritz, the Nonprofit Guide at explains why it’s important for nonprofits to give serious thought to their logos in “Is Your Logo Doing Its Job?”

Jeff Brooks at Donor Power Blog offers Three Ways to Make Email Work for Nonprofits. These are subtle points that can really make a difference in how well your email campaigns work.

Ken Goldstein at The Nonprofit Consultant Blog asks, “Corporations Versus Nonprofits – A real question?” He stumbled on a post about how corporations are better at achieving social means. Ken suggests that each sector has a role to play, but ultimately nonprofits are the driving force behind nearly all social progress.

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