BP Meets Lady Gaga; We Win

One more bit of YouTube today, though this one’s audio-only rather than video: a rewrite of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” but this time with lyrics about the BP oil spill.

Okay, the results might not be quite as funny as one would hope, but it’s still solid work. And here’s what really jumped out at me — check out the details the author’s included on the YouTube page along with the song itself (click the little arrow right below the video window to make them drop down). Lyrics, yes, but also links to her podcast and Twitter feed, plus info on Louisiana relief organizations, an explanation of why she recorded the song and (soberingly) a list of the men who died when the drilling rig exploded. It’s an excellent example of how to get the most follow-on results possible from a piece of content placed on a social media site, and something that campaigns and nonprofits can learn from. Thanks to fellow NMS-er Brooke Oberwetter for sending this around.


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Colin Delany
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