Creative Loafing Meets the Afrosphere, as Different Blog Niches Take On the Election

Two articles today examine the reaction to the presidential election of writers in different niches of the online world: Floridians and black bloggers. First, Florida political blogs take on different angles of the primary races, from strategy to policy to matters even more vital:

My point here is that Republicans need to really step up their celebrity endorsements. Democrats get Oprah, we get some guy who starred in one of the worst shows in television history and sells exercise machines on late-night infomercials. You do the math.

Next, the Afrosphere has plenty to talk about on the Democratic side, as “the now open political warfare between Obama and the Clintons takes on a heightened intensity.” Highlight: a wiki that documents a “pattern of race-themed attacks against Obama by Bill, Hillary and other members of her campaign.”

E.politics is a big fan of the political and communications potential of targeted blogs such as these, since the good ones can have audiences whose influence outweighs their size. And they may be more open to outreach than the mass political blogs that get most of the attention.


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Colin Delany
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