Internet Sets Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court Nomination to Music

Okay, I’m a sucker for pitches like these, I admit it:

“In response to Sonia Sotomayor’s appointment to the Supreme Court, mobile music site has pulled together a list of five (and certainly there are many more) ringtones that speak — or rather, sing — to the big news. The beauty of these ringtones is that allows you to edit up to 30 seconds of your favorite law-abiding tone — you don’t have to download what the carrier pre-selected.

“We went ahead and selected a few choice lyrics for you…”

  • Daughter of Justice — The Undecided
    “We live in a world with so few answers, where is the justice that she seeks? Who will end this poverty?”
  • Courthouse — Chris Isaak
    “People take their places, down at the courthouse / People stand in line to see you fall.”
  • Ladies’ Choice — Zac Efron (from Hairspray)
    “…shop around little darlin’, I’ve got to be the Ladies’ Choice, Ladies’ Choice.”
  • Judgement Day — Whitesnake
    “With only love to light the way.. on the road to judgement day”
  • She’s the One — The Ramones
    “Yeah yeah she’s the one.. When I see her on the street, you know she makes my life complete”


Hmmmm, not a bad start (the Whitesnake and Ramones tunes counter Zac Efron, if barely…), but let’s see if we can do better. How about one for the Republican talking points?

  • She’s a Rebel — Green Day
    “She’s a rebel, She’s a saint, She’s the salt of the earth, And she’s dangerous”

Or one about Obama and identity politics?

  • Black Dog — Led Zeppelin
    “All I ask for an’ all I pray, Steady rollin’ woman gonna come my way”

You’re next! Leave results in the comments…


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Colin Delany
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  • The first song that popped into my head was The Runaways attempt at rock-opera – “Dead End Justice.”

    some choice lyrics:
    Behind the bars, there’s a superstar
    who never had a chance, she could sing, she could dance
    You don’t sing and dance in juvie honey…

    Justice, Justice
    don’t want your law and order
    Justice, Justice
    or world wide disorder

    Wonder if Sotomayor would “empathize” with the plight of a drugged-out teen fallen prey to the likes of Kim Fowley – ? haha