Hillary Gains, Loses Cool Points in Sopranos Spoof/Song Announcement

Okay, I’ll give the Clinton campaign a reasonable number of cool points for announcing the winner of her campaign song contest through a video that very cleverly parodies the last episode of The Sopranos. Of course, she then stomps all over the moment by revealing that The Chosen Song is by…Celine Dion??? A crime against nature, my friends, and one that will not soon be forgotten. If her campaign tanks, it shall surely be seen as Divine Retribution for this blatant affront to all that is good, beautiful and kind in the world.

Thanks to Burt Edwards for sending this along, and to the AP for putting it on every newspaper website in America. Click here to hear the song. Be warned! It fires automatically, and I refuse to be held responsible for the consequences.


Written by
Colin Delany
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