Stephen Colbert Declares War on Conservapedia!

Just on The Colbert Report:

“…I want you to go to Conservapedia and make me a Biblical figure…”

What’s up? The Conservative “answer” to Wikipedia has decided to use crowdsourcing to combat “Liberal bias” in existing translations of the Bible — they’re asking readers to help them identify translated terms in common versions of the Bible that match their idea of a liberal interpretation. So, Colbert encouraged his viewers tonight to create accounts on the site and add him to the Bible wherever it seems appropriate…I bet a couple of site administrators are a little busy right now. Wonder if they can buy him off with a treadmill?

…yep, the Conservapedia site’s crashed, ten minutes after it came up on the show. Looks like they got a Colbert Bump of ISP-frying proportions.

Update: Here’s a link to the Colbert episode — the Conservapedia section starts at about minute 5:20.


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