Keep Your Ears Open…

A little news on the e.politics bidness front — I’ve spent he last couple of weeks wrapping up the last of three sizable design/technology projects that kept things busy down here in the bunker over the summer, and so should have a couple of sites to show you guys shortly, pending final reviews and approvals.

In the meantime, idle hands are the Devil’s tools! And believe me, ol’ Satan and I are close enough friends as it is. Fall’s not empty, with several speaking/training gigs looming, plus various consulting clients who’ll need love from time to time, but it’s the big projects that really keep the mortgage paid and the staff fed around here. So keep your ears open for folks who need online communications training, consulting or strategic guidance, and of course good old website design and construction (Drupal and WordPress in particular) as well. Thanks for your help!


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Colin Delany
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