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Updated: Drupal/Joomla/WordPress Shops for Nonprofits and Campaigns

Time to update that list of open source software shops specializing in nonprofit/advocacy/political work — June of 2007 was a while ago. The companies assembled below all work with open source software and nonprofits or campaigns in some way, often pairing Drupal, WordPress or Joomla expertise with other services like communications consulting. For instance, a certain focuses on internet advocacy strategy and training for clients but also does design and templating (and some technology) in Drupal and WordPress.

Developments since the first round? Primarily, the appearance of a lot more players distributed around the country, suggesting a healthy ecosystem of nonprofit clients (though inevitably a couple of firms seem to have disappeared, too). Also, slowly but steadily Drupal seems to be winning out over Joomla (food fight!), with WordPress a solid presence at the lower end.

But wait, there’s more! Help build this list by suggesting other companies. Better still, add gossip, innuendo or even solid information about anyone below. Operators are standing by! (I.e., please leave your contribution as a comment). Thanks!

Still haven’t had enough? Check out the vendor list in’s page-turning best-seller, Comparing Open Source Content Management Systems.



  1. Jason

    Don’t forget Junger Media — a WordPress management and publishing company!

  2. Austin

    Radical Designs creates websites for progressive activists and community organizations in WordPress and other platforms, as well as custom web development projects in PHP and Ruby on Rails.

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  4. Kevin Reid

    Hello, everyone… Amplify Public Affairs has built a number of sites in WP and Drupal for non-profits and integrated most of them with DIA as the CRM.

  5. MN

    BuzzMaker provides a number of services from building websites, to providing the latest technology, to maximizing online fundraising, to growing supporter lists, we provide our clients with winning internet campaigns. The firm integrates with most CSMs, primarily Drupal.

  6. Darius

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring too.

    Aible Consulting

    We do websites. And more: we do optimization. Do you understand the quantitative results of email marketing campaigns and analytics? We do.

    We have done FB applications and SMS interaction design as well.


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