If You Liked It Then You Should Have Clicked an Ad on It*

*To the tune of All the Single Ladies

A quick public service announcement from your friends here at Epolitics.com: as you’re cruising around the web, you’ll no doubt occasionally find stories you like. And I bet you even have a few web sites you visit over and over, perhaps even daily. May I offer some friendly advice? CLICK AN AD EVERY NOW AND THEN. These websites need you to show your affection in the sweetest way possible, which is to send some money so that they can survive long enough to feed you a few more stories. Note: when you click an ad, the website typically earns money.

Our very own little slice of online heaven (Epolitics.com) brings in maybe $250 per year from Google Ads, just enough to cover the hosting costs with maybe a couple of beers on the side. But the site’s not in business to make the big bucks; it earns its keep in the love showered upon your Editor and all of our fine guest authors and in the occasional Europe trip we are called upon to make because of our work here. But clicking an ad here and there wouldn’t hurt, would it? That goes for RSS/email recipients, too — click through to the articles once in a while and select a fine Google Ad, eh? You might just catch a good conversation in the comments, too.

I tend to hit a handful of sites (the Post, Slate.com, PoliticalWire, The Awl, Space.com and New Scientist to name a few) just about every day, and when I remember, I go out of my way to select a fine advertisement to explore in more detail. It’s just neighborly, after all. No ring needed! A simple click will do. That is all.


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Colin Delany
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