E.politics Conquered by Superheroes?

I surrender! I surrender! The e.politics inbox has been besieged by messages like this one over the past few days:

Late Sunday night, eight superheroes announced their candidacy for DC Mayor.

The brains behind these campaigns are New Organizing Institute’s own 2009 BootCampers – over 50 of the nation’s best new organizers are gathering in DC to learn how to become technologically-enabled organizers. The campaign teams of Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, The Atom, The Green Lantern, Batwoman, Superman, Cyborg, and Batgirl have built websites, designed and targeted their message plans and are now building their lists of supporters via email, online advertising and blogger outreach.

Find your favorite Superhero for DC Mayor here!

We don’t want you miss out on the fun – take a minute to visit their websites, join their email lists, and support the work of the next generation of progressive online organizers as they run an intense mayoral race. The best part of this? You get to vote – and help BootCampers reserve bragging rights for years to come.

Online voting begins at 7am EST this Friday – bookmark www.neworganizing.com/superherovote to cast your vote when the polls open.

Thank you for supporting the next generation of progressive organizers!

Vote early! Vote often! These kids and their Interwebs — be advised, e.politics is in secret negotiations with the Wonder Woman team; they’re trying to lasso me in…

In other nerdalicious news, I saw the Space Station pass overhead this evening! Very bright, a little bigger than a star but still just a blob, faster and obviously much higher than a plane. It was in view for 3 or 4 minutes, passing south to north. Never seen it before.

Wonder Woman for DC


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