Getting Ready to Rock RootsCamp

Hey kids, one of my favorite events in the digital politics world starts tomorrow: the New Organizing Institute’s now-legendary RootsCamp, which brings together hundreds (thousands, really) of grassroots Democratic and progressive organizers and online communicators. The goal? To learn from each other.

Toward that end, RootsCamp is an “un-conference,” meaning that except for a handful of early-morning sessions, it’s unscheduled until we arrive: participants will hand in session ideas each morning and the conference organizers will assign them times and places. The upshot? Collaboration! Instead of Big Names and Official Themes dominating the discussion, we participants will be creating the curriculum and teaching each other throughout the two-day event. Rock and roll! BTW, I’m planning a session on “Campaigning to Win in 2014: What To Do Now”…I wonder what ebook might inform the agenda?

Plus, RootsCamp brings great folks in from around the country, and I’m still friends with many, many people I met at my FIRST RootsCamp back in 2006, when was only a few months old. This is going to be a fantastic weekend — and will be living off my notes for weeks to come. I hope I’ll see you there.


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Colin Delany
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