RootsCamp This Weekend: E.politics is a Sponsor

One of my favorite online politics events is happening this weekend, and I just can’t hardly wait: RootsCamp is coming to town, or at least to the northeast quadrant of town, and this year e.politics is pleased to be a sponsor. If you’ve never been, RootsCamp is an un-conference sponsored by the New Organizing Institute that brings together online organizers after the elections to compare notes, share stories and plan for the next go-round. Lefties only! (Sorry, Republican readers — you should have your own, but only if I can come, too.)

And this time around, they managed to sucker me into putting up enough cash to bring some “deserving” young campaign worker to town to participate, so you should no doubt expect billboard-sized photos of the e.politics staff to be displayed in every room, as is only right and proper. Should be a hoot! I’m writing down a couple of session ideas right now, and can already taste the Saturday-morning mimosas.


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Colin Delany
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