Exciting News! E.pol is a Top Ten in Politics and the Internet Nominee

It’s an excellent day down here in the e.politics bunker, and not just because of the exquisite combination of heat and humidity that makes DC so joyously wilt-inducing in the summer. Here’s the scoop: Politics Online and the World E-Democracy Forum came out with their list of nominees for the “Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of the Internet and Politics,” and your loyal editor made the list! Woo hoo! And what a list it is — it’s truly an honor to be in this company.

Here’s the best part — you get to vote on the finalists, so get on it right now. Vote early! Vote often! (Mom, you and Dad will need to use different computers). Winners get an invite to be an Honored Guest at the World E-Democracy Forum in Paris in October, which is a trip that would not suck, so PLEASE do your part and vote today. Boxless will have to stay home and mind the shop, but I’ll be sure to bring him back a tasty spinach quiche if I make it. Huzzahs all around!


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Colin Delany
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