OneWebDay Monday to Focus on Electronic Politics

Hey kids, September 22nd is One Web Day, and you know what that means! Well, not much yet, since the ‘net’s “Earth Day equivalent” is only hitting its third anniversary this year and hasn’t had time to pick up many traditions yet. But Monday’s events will focus attention on our particular little corner of the tubes:

The Internet has also become the means by which citizens around the world build movements to hold their elected leaders accountable and support those who represent their interests; it is also increasingly the medium through which citizens interact with their governments. The theme of this year’s OneWebDay is online participation in democracy, coinciding with the U.S. elections.

Want to find out more? Try the OneWebDay site and Twitter feed, and see also coverage by Tech Daily Dose and HuffPo. In D.C., there’ll be a time-capsule burial (bring a shovel!) in the morning and a happy hour after work at Tryst in Adams Morgan, both of which e.politics will miss because of a client meeting in NYC. Have fun celebrating the interwebs!



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Colin Delany
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