A Free Year of Democracy In Action Tools for a Lucky Environmental Group

Whew, this whole earning-a-living thing has proven to be surprisingly time-consuming the past couple of weeks (how you people with “jobs” manage I’ll never know), but at least someone in DC appreciates the value of a free lunch: the folks at Democracy In Action are giving away a year of their constituent-relations-management software service at no charge to a worthy environmental group. Oh the fun you could have! Free mass emailing/action alerts, online donations, event-management…why, it makes ME want to start an enviro group right down here in the e.politics bunker.

Details are available on the DIA site (the deadline’s May 22nd), and don’t forget that a mere few hours spent with an expert consultant might just help you get the most out of any new communications tools that happen to come your way….


Written by
Colin Delany
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