The Importance of Year-End Fundraising Appeals

Most political advocacy groups are formally nonprofits, but that doesn’t mean that they care any less about their budgets than corporations — most end up having to spend a ridiculous amount of their time raising money. Turns out, the best time of year to rake in those fat checks is at the very end, when most people do holiday gift-giving and also take advantage of the charitable donations tax exemption. Want some actual evidence of how important the year-end fundraising effect is? Take a look at these two articles suggested by Democracy in Action’s in-house blogger Jason Zanon:

Update: Oops, missed another good one — A Procrastinator’s Guide to Year-End Fundraising.


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Colin Delany
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  • Thanks, Colin! We’ll have more number-crunching for ’07 on our blog shortly — both before and after the end of the year. But anyone asking in a charitable-deduction vein should also keep in mind that donors whose finances are complex enough to wait on the last days of the fiscal year are also disproportionately major donors. Not only are there more gifts, but the average per is higher.