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Beth Becker’s latest “Political Social Grab Bag” e-newsletter is out, and you should check out the whole November issue archived right here, an online exclusive. The Grab Bag is monthly for now, and it’s a hit with social media advocacy and politics crowd. Sign up now to get the next Political Social Grab Bag delivered straight to your inbox.

Besides the intro excerpted below, the full version includes a look at new tools, some excellent reading suggestions, upcoming webinars, the ever-popular “don’t try this at home” section, who’s winning the internet, and more. Note that a couple of items in the full Grab Bag were time-sensitive and only applied to November 1st…another reason to subscribe to the email version. Take it away, Beth:

What’s New to Think About?

I apologize in advance, this month’s newsletter is 3 times longer than usual, but it was a busy month in the social media space and too much of it was too important to leave out. As usual, to see all of the information that didn’t make the cut for this newsletter check out my Facebook Page where I post everything as I see it if I know it won’t make the newsletter.

I have 3 announcements to share so this month I’ll use this space for that.

First, at the Organise US Digital Intensive in Melbourne, our friends at Canva unveiled a new product Canva for Non Profits! If you are a 501(c)3 in the US or non profit in other countries you can now get 10 free licenses for Canva for Work for free!

Second, just hours ago (on November 1), Action Sprout and Facebook announced a new program for nonprofits in which they are giving away $2 MILLION dollars in ad credits. Use THIS link to apply for up to $1500 in ad credits over 3 months. You must be a 501(c) 3. Applications are open until November 15th, and the ad credits will be for use December-Feruary. The coolest part of this? Once you apply your credits, you can then use Action Sprout's new Smart Ads (see Tools Section, below) to help you get the most out of your free ads!

Finally a bit of personal news: last week I accepted a position as a Senior Fellow for Digital with the New Leaders Council, a progressive organization that conducts leadership training institutes all over the country. I will be helping them to incorporate digital training into all of the training work they do along w/working with their staff nationally and at the local level on their digital strategy as an organization. I am not giving up consulting or other training work, just doing this in a more formal arrangement than a normal cosulting gig 🙂

But wait, there’s more! That was just a taste — continue on to the full November edition.

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  • We are a registered (with SEC) non-profit here in The Philippines. We work with the very poor only, and all of our workers are volunteers. Why can facebook not give free ads to organizations like ours, that are registered in a non-US countries. The US is not the world. We do however receive free GOOGLE grants ads (adwords to our website only). We are only allowed bid up to $2 per click, but they give us a budget of $300 per day. This is all through TechSoup. We also get free software from Microsoft through Techsoup. Why is facebook so far behind the field in charity?