Free Canva for Nonprofits, Including Advocacy Groups

Free Canva for Nonprofits

Beth mentioned this story in last week’s social media roundup, but it got overshadowed by the free Facebook Ads. A separate post was in order! I missed the significance of this at the time (as a long-time Photoshop user, I haven’t needed to work with Canva), but it seems like a good development for nonprofit advocacy groups. From Beth:

Everyone’s talking about the Facebook/Action Sprout Ad Credits for Nonprofits announcement, but many seem to have missed another big announcement from October that will only help nonprofits all over the world.

Early in October, at the Organise US Digital Intensive in Melbourne, Australia, Canva announced their new Canva for Nonprofits program. Any nonprofit needing to have 10 or fewer people use the tool will be able to use the Canva for Work tool for FREE.

So what is Canva and why is this a big deal? Canva is a browser-based graphic design suite that operates with a WYSIWYG principle. From pre-sized image starting points (based on where you plan to use your image) to free and $1.00 stock photos, Canva gives you everything you need to create professional-looking graphics. This tool is free for individuals but the Canva for Work/Nonprofits suite includes team capabilities like file sharing, the ability for multiple people to be working on the same image, and more.

I’ve been using Canva for over a year now and well the images speak for themselves…here’s the first image I made using Canva- many of you will recognize this from trainings I’ve been doing:

Phred, the content concierge

Go forth and create!

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