Information Overload

Hell of a season, eh? We’ve just about had everything — from lipstick on a pig all the way to a full-on financial panic, with two ongoing wars and the lingering effects of an oil-price shock playing in the background. Too much too much — the last couple of weeks, I think I hit the point of information overload and could no longer integrate it effectively. It got so bad that came a point where emails and voicemails were stacking up, and I even missed a press contact! (which arrived at 5:30 on a Friday and was almost doomed to be missed, but for a shameless self-promotion operation like the one we run here in the e.politics bunker, that hurts). I even started watching cable “news” occasionally, no doubt to get a dumbed-down view of things — cable is the perfect antidote to the internet’s glut of information, conveying almost none, sanitized for your intellectual protection.

With a three-day weekend behind us, the markets not behaving insanely (at least, not at the exact moment I’m writing) and the American electorate (unbelievably) apparently preparing to make what I think is the right choice, let’s take advantage of a brief lull in consulting work (next big project’s fixin’ to start) to get caught up on the online politics world again. In the hopper: a slew of half-started pieces that just need a little love to get them back on their feet again, plus ideas sent in by readers and/or shameless self-promoters, and even a few all-new developments to dissect. Should be fun — let me know what you see that we’re missing, and don’t forget that guest articles would be a most welcome addition to the site.


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Colin Delany
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