Grinding the Mental Gears

Well, that was a substantial break — only two short pieces in the past month, and one of those largely a reprint…nice work if you can get it. But a blog is a harsh mistress, and this one can only be denied for so long. So despite a layer of rust on the writing gears, it’s time to get back to regular publishing.

Not that the past month has been slack time! The day job got buuuuuusy (I took over three new projects, two of them taking on water and in danger of capsizing), side work abounded (new client website announcement coming soon, along with three chapters in an upcoming ClickZ publication), and I did a quick trip to Spain for a consulting gig (with two more visits planned this year). Plenty of spinning ’round, no doubt, but there’ll be lots of time to sleep when we’re dead, so let’s plunge ahead despite all distractions. In other words: onward through the fog, my friends, and the devil take the hindmost. What could possibly go wrong?


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Colin Delany
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