Video: Interviews with Online Politics Luminaries at the Robert Scoble Party

DC hosted blog royalty last week, as A-list tech blogger Robert Scoble came to town to meet with folks in the political world. Of course, it was an excellent excuse for a party, and a solid mix of tech nerds and online politicos showed up at classic Eurotrash hangout MCCXXIII, just south of Dupont Circle. Peter Corbett with iStrategyLabs was set up for video interviews, and he’s handily posted the results for us to enjoy. The clip below includes friends-of-epolitics Andrew Feinberg, Julie Germany and the Good Doktor Rosenblatt, along with a Very Special E.politics Moment right before Scoble comes on for the last segment.

Note: dig the “jump to a scene” feature — drag the slider along and you can move quickly from one interview to the next (I’m the next-to-the-last one, Mom). I don’t remember seeing this feature before, but I’ve also never used the site Viddler, where this thing is hosted.

For a full list of interviewees, head on over here.


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  • Don’t be shocked if your new camera-wielding cuts down on the word count and frequency of your posts. It’s a real timesuck, especially the editing. Really good stuff though. The viddler tool is neat.