E.politics Cited in Big Mother Jones Feature on Online Politics

Mother Jones has an excellent series of articles about online politics in its July issue, now online. Each article is flanked by sidebar quotes from folks in the field ranging from Howard Dean to Esther Dyson to friends-of-e.politics Mike Cornfield and Julie Barko Germany, and I managed to slip in some nice cynical words alongside the intro article and in a section on What’s Over-Hyped. Very cool! Some real liberal cred.

The whole series really is well worth checking out; I particularly recommend the sections on elite progressive bloggers as a new political oligarchy (confirming some prejudices), on conservative efforts to catch up, and on online attack ads and dirty tricks (mmmm, my favorite). Also, be sure to check out the full interviews with the folks quoted in the articles — thanks, MoJo, for putting those up.


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Colin Delany
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