Colin Delany August 14, 2007

Grist: Nice Use of a Widget to Promote a Site Feature

If you’re in the enviro advocacy world, you’re almost certainly familiar with the online magazine Grist, a widely read source of green news and commentary. To promote its coverage of the 2008 presidential candidates on the environment, Grist is providing readers a simple RSS widget that displays the latest headlines in their “How Green Is Your Candidate?” feature:

Nice! Very straightforward, should work on most sites that don’t block javascript (ahem, MySpace) and does a good job of keeping Grist’s election coverage right in front of you. They also have embeddable buttons that link directly to coverage of each candidate, for instance:

How Green Is Your Candidate?

How Green Is Your Candidate?

Other than the sickly green hue (blech), these are potentially quite useful self-promotion tools, a good way to capitalize on people’s desire to show support for a candidate (via the buttons) and the environment.



  1. Tom Twigg

    Sickly green hue? As the designer I resemble that remark. Actually, the green is much easier on the eye for those with Mac calibrated displays … for those on other PCs, aren’t just about all colors rather sickly looking?

  2. cpd

    You kids and your Macs! Always with the odd-man-out exceptionalism. Though you may have inspired a future essay on monitor gamma — everybody take cover.

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