Chris Cillizza Gets His Own Widget

More news from the land of random widgetry: the Post’s The Fix column has its own RSS widget, which I just noticed today displayed in an advertising bubble between its first two stories. The other Post blogs I checked didn’t seem to offer a similar feature; maybe Fix author Chris Cillizza is a hardcore tech-nerd and made them do it (let’s ask). [Update: Chris says several popular Post blogs have them; I must have missed them. Another tactic: at the bottom of this page, note the topic-specific example that displays headlines about the Iraq war. But wait! there’s more.] One nice extra: easy instructions on the download page for installing on MySpace and common blogging plaforms.

I gotta get me one of these — that way you kids will never be too far from your favorite e.politics characters (action figures available soon).


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Colin Delany
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