Widget: How Many Jobs Have Republicans Cost?

Thought that headline might get your attention — and that’s no doubt what the House Democrats were hoping for when they put out the widget below (thanks to the legendary Alan Rosenblatt for sending over the link).

My only critique? The landing page is all messaging and no facts, despite the fact that the link says, “details.” Also, the page has a Facebook “share” button, but no other way to leverage visits to the site (no email sign up, no “Tweet-this” link, etc.). C’mon guys, if you’re going to go through the work of creating this thing, take the extra time to maximize the results. A few actual details and links to supporting information wouldn’t hurt, either — you’re missing a chance to educate, inform and connect.

[BTW, I said “jobs” in the headline b/c of both poetic license and the ripple effect of unemployment benefit cuts — small, local businesses suffer when people can’t afford groceries. Unemployment checks are a particularly efficient economic stimulus because recipients spend the money immediately.]


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Colin Delany
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