As Irene Floods the Coast, Chris Christie Goes Overboard

Hey kids, I hope you fellow East Coasters survived our recent back-to-back disasters, but don’t forget, an earthquake followed by a hurricane means only one thing — be ready for a rain of blood and toads soon. But if that or any other catastrophe looms, I now know that I can count on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the latest news. In fact, since August 28th, his office has sent me the governor’s latest news via email at least EIGHTEEN TIMES in only three days, a number which is tragically low because I deleted the first few messages before I realized I was witness at the birth of a new literary genre. Of course, “news” is in the eye of the beholder, since this missive from earlier today is typical of the stream:

Today, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno will travel to Atlantic City and other boardwalks to remind residents and tourists that the Jersey Shore is a great place to visit following Hurricane Irene. The Lt. Governor will meet with tourism and business officials in Atlantic City and make several stops in Point Pleasant Beach, Lake Como and Asbury Park.

I’ll see you guys at the shore! (But only if Snooki’s along for the ride). Other messages touted the governor’s hurricane-related appearances on the “Today Show” and “Meet The Press” or noted other leaderly actions, as when “Governor Chris Christie Sends Letter to President Obama Requesting Immediate Relief for Hardest Hit New Jerseyans with Expedited Federal Declaration of Disaster” (that federal money’s awfully tasty when you really need it, right Chris?). Handy stuff! Particularly if you’re into studying the mechanics of self-promotion.

Of course, many of these messages are standard press advisories, which for some reason are also going to the governor’s blogger outreach list — a list on which I am proud to serve, whether or not I ever signed up for it, since his office typically sends video links only a couple of times a week. But 20+ messages in three days? Perhaps a bit of overkill…particularly for a blogger list that’s obviously not geotargeted, since DC’s a little far from Trenton for his storm warnings to be relevant. Blogger relations folks, do us all a favor: even when the water’s rising, think before you open the communications floodgates.


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Colin Delany
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