Housekeeping (Or, the Sad Fate of E.politics Video)

New Year’s resolution! Time for some routine site maintenance — let’s bust out the dustrags and polish up the silverware, and maybe take out the trash on time for once.

Unfortunately, E.politics Video has ended up on the dustbin of history for the moment, since it never really got started despite the best of intentions. After one good interview posted (plus a classic joke) and another interview in the can waiting to be edited, I sputtered out. Part of the problem was time, since editing a clip adds dramatically to the amount of work required to get it online, but part was also technology: Windows simply sucks for video editing (I gotta download codecs???) and I haven’t been quick enough on Craigslist to pick up an older Mac yet (don’t want to spend too much, either). So, I stripped the video section out of the sidebar until better days arrive.

Other changes: I tightened up the sidebar navigation, moving the search form up and the content widget down, theoretically making it easier to take things in at a glance. I also moved up the Google Ads, which you should click on with wild abandon, and temporarily hid the blogroll, which is currently two years or so out of date (about a third of the sites are dead). Finally, I updated the About page with new or upcoming events and publications. Very cool to get these changes knocked out — these are the sorts of things that nag at you every time you look at a site you run, and fixing them feels as good as cleaning the bunker. Now, about that cat box…


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Colin Delany
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