Vote Early! Vote Often!

Hi y’all, a friend of e.politics who shall remain nameless ([cough] Laura S. Quinn [cough]) has written in to highlight the TechSoup NetSquared Innovation Awards, the voting for which ends today at 5:00 Pacific time (8 pm in dog years). 150 no-doubt excellent projects are up for consideration, and you could do your part to help 20 of them receive valuable prizes (i.e., funding) by voting for your favorite initiatives (up to 10) today. I would never presume to tell you for whom to cast your ballot ([cough] Idealware [cough]), nosirree, but I hope you’ll go to the NetSquared site and participate in the democratic process in the most dispassionate and objective of ways.

Bear in mind that I AM watching you with an All-Seeing Eye, as always, and those of you who fail to vote (or who do vote but, shall we say, less wisely than you should) will feel the vengeful sting of my lash in ways that the sensible fear to contemplate. So let’s all do the right thing, eh? Vote early! Vote often!


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Colin Delany
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