Outstanding Advocacy Websites

Last week, I sent an innocent messsage out to the Progressive Exchange email list, asking folks to send along examples of good advocacy sites to help with a presentation I was finishing. The response was overwhelming, with people suggesting a good three dozen excellent sites and organizations. I’ve pulled the list together as a resource for all y’all, roughly dividing it between organizations that generally “get it” and the specific campaign sites. I’d hoped to write them up individually, but the pre-holiday frenzy has precluded it. The sites are roughly in the order that they were suggested. Thanks to Tim Walker, Susan Finkelpearl, Royelen Lee Boykie, Jed Miller, Farra Trompeter, Brian Sant, Paul Fraley, DJ Francis, Brian Komar, Heather Gardner-Madras, Rochelle Robinson and Liz Butler for passing these along. Want to suggest more? Leave them in the comments below.


Campaign Sites

Directory of Nonprofit/Advocacy Sites


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  • [Allison’s original comment disappeared into the aether, so I asked her to try again… –cpd]

    The problem, of course, is that the anticipation is more interesting than the resulting comment.

    Let’s see . . .

    1) I made a snide crack about how it was pretty likely that all those CAP sites were submitted by Brian Komar

    2) and then I explained that I was allowed to make fun of Brian because that’s pretty much what we’ve been doing for the past six years.

    3) I recommended that you check out the Green My Apple site that was created by Greenpeace. They’re trying to get Apple to develop more environmentally-friendly products and they’re doing so in such an incredibly smart way.

    That was what I said. Hope it works this time.