A Few Good Digital Politics and Advocacy Websites to Follow

Howdy folks, I’ve been asked a couple of times lately which sites to follow to learn more about digital politics and advocacy, besides Epolitics.com. Others apparently get the same question, too: Julie Germany posted her own list today. Read the full article for what she likes about each, but here are her picks.

But wait, there’s more! Alan Rosenblatt chimed in on Twitter the other day to point out:

Finally, Jay Carmona also mentioned (besides our little slice of heaven) another old fave on Twitter:

A great start, but let me add more:

Enjoy! I’d ask you to submit any additions in the comments, but I haven’t gotten them working again! (Yet, anyway). Instead, drop me an email with any suggested sites to follow.

Update: a few more sites to keep an eye on.

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Colin Delany
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