A Few Good Advocacy Campaign Websites

A couple of weeks ago I asked a group of online advocacy professionals to suggest a few good issue-based campaign websites, and the results provide an excellent snapshot of the current standards in the field. Particularly since an e.politics article from 2006 listing some then-outstanding advocacy sites still generates a healthy amount of Google traffic, it’s clearly a topic that could use some updating.

Conclusions? The sites vary widely in focus, but most try to use some kind of dramatic graphics or video to catch the reader right away. Most also try to integrate online activism tools cleanly into the design, often obviously channeling the eye toward signup and donation buttons. Many also highlight blog posts or individual supporters, while others focus on providing tools for social media outreach. Most are standalone, others are subsections of a main organization website, and a couple are hosted directly on an advocacy vendor’s system. I only included two that are relatively straightforward organization sites, each of which does a particularly good job of integrating a campaign-style approach into an org-site framework.

Any suggestions for additions? Please add them in the comments below. Particularly welcome: anything on the conservative side, since most of these sites are for progressive causes.


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Colin Delany
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  • For nine years One Jerusalem has built an active 100,000 person movement to keep Jerusalem united. It combines visual with written content and participation of members.

  • I really love the google maps interface on Stand Up for Tiny Lives. Any ideas for how I could create something similar?


    It is hereby notified for the general information that Zambia Deaf Youth and Women and Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) will be having a Deaf March in LUSAKA.

    The Sponsored Deaf March in LUSAKA takes in a day ferry on the 11th August, 2010 at 10:00 hours to Lusaka Parliament.

    The main objectives of this to advocate for and to raise awareness on the full recognition of the rights and implementation of the Convention of the rights of persons with disabilities in Zambia.

    The Organization has undertaken to acknowledge and be responsible for the utilization of the donated funds and materials. During the past years, the organization identified that it members deaf people are ignored. Despite being equally vulnerable to HIV infection, they are not included in key HIV/AIDS, IGAs Empowerment, Human Rights and Education information Campaigns.

    Zambia has in place a disability Law, but that Law in many respects is inadequate. This is because it does not address a number of issues on disability such as, specific rights of deaf people, justice, health, employment and a number of other fundamental freedoms.

    The campaign will address issues of extent poverty, human rights, IGAs empowerments, education and unemployment among deaf young women and men in Zambia are too high, most of them are living in extent poverty, they are unable to meet their basic needs.

    Please make whatever donation you can no matter how large or small , as quickly as possible, to help cover costs of printing, T-shirts for organizers, a truck with a PA system to lead the Deaf March, and other expenses.

    We know you are all cash-strapped, but even the smallest contribution will be welcome! We are appealing for your Volunteering to help raise funds and material support for Deaf March; all donations will be strictly for Deaf March.

    No donation is too small, all donation will be acknowledged, whatever the amount, inform us of your participation visit our Partner Offices at Network for ARV Users in Chainama Hills Hospital or by email or call on Cell # + 260 979 997 382 or memorial061@hotmail.com , Zambia Deaf Youth and Women on email zambiadeafyw@zambia.co.zm or SMS on cell # +260 977 866 459