New 2020 Edition! ‘How to Use the Internet to Change the World – and Win Elections’

It's a Celebration!

June 22nd may be a little early for fireworks, but it’s a great day for a celebration. The new 2020 edition of “How to Use the Internet to Change the World – and Win Elections” is ready to take on the world — and the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’ve picked up an earlier edition of the PDF before, you should have received an email with a code to unlock your free copy of the new one (email me if it hasn’t arrived). Unfortunately for past Kindle purchasers, Amazon required me to create this edition as an entirely new book, so you’ll need to get a fresh copy in the Kindle Store.

Digital Campaigning in a Pandemic

The 2020 edition includes:

  • A new chapter and many section updates to reflect the reality of campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Lessons from public protests and citizen activism, the Democratic presidential campaigns and the first months of the Biden-Trump showdown
  • An exploration of new channels for digital outreach, including relational organizing tools and social platforms like TikTok and Twitch
  • Big trends in online politics and advocacy
  • The latest online advertising opportunities — and how to handle new restrictions
  • Eighteen chapters and 138 pages of digital-politics goodness

Spread the Word

Please help spread the word! I’ll be posting excerpts in the weeks to come, but please don’t hestitate to send people straight to via all available digital and meatspace communication channels. A great gift for any occasion! And the result of a lot of hard work — thanks for reading.


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