‘Winning in 2012’ Campaign EBook Now #7 in Kindle Store Elections Section

Cool news! “How Campaigns Can Use the Internet to Win in 2012” has sold enough copies to become #7 in the Amazon.com Kindle Store elections section, where’s it’s hanging out with titles like “Game Change” and George Lakoff’s “Don’t Think of an Elephant.” Plus, it’s listed as a “Hot New Release!” The (free) PDF version on Epolitics.com is of course more popular than the $2.99 Amazon edition, but the store puts it in front of a broader audience and also brings in about two bucks per copy at the price I set, which never hurts. Though I won’t tell you how few copies it needed to sell over the past three days to hit #7…. (Hint: we’re firmly in the double digits, so ain’t nobody gettin’ rich over here.)

Next steps: more direct outreach to journalists and relevant blogs (a PoliticalWire plug drove the bulk of the actual sales last week), plus a mass email to friends and colleagues and a good old-fashioned press release to hit political reporters. I’m considering running some Google Ads pointing to the Amazon version as well, in part simply to see if the cost of the ads outweighs the sales revenue. Everyone who’s helped spread the word, so far thanks!


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Colin Delany
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