Online Fundraising 101: What Nonprofits Need to Know

Way back at the beginning of March — which feels ancient after six weeks of pandemic-induced social distancing — I led an webinar designed to introduce smaller nonprofits to the basics of online fundraising. The audience was partner organizations of the Marine Fish Conservation Network, a long-time client, and the Network has graciously allowed me to post the recording below.

In a tight 40 minutes, we covered:

  • The mechanics of online fundraising
  • Why people donate
  • How to frame the “ask” to motivate your particular supporters to give
  • Essential digital fundraising technologies
  • How data can improve a fundraising strategy
  • Mobile giving, & its discontents
  • Best practices and helpful tips

Of course, most of the concepts apply to political campaigns as well! Check out the video below, and of course I’m happy to chat at length if you’d like to discuss your organization’s digital fundraising strategy. For more, take a look at past articles related to online fundraising or give me a call.


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