New Project: Drone War Journal

Death drones

Digital politics isn’t the only obsession smoldering down here in the e.politics bunker: after talking with a couple of smart techie friends who are sincerely concerned about the rise of autonomous killing machines, in May I launched a new Twitter feed to track the use of drones in conflict. As my friend Mark put it, “If you liked Facebook’s data breach, you’re going to LOVE death drones.”

Drone War Journal’s following is small so far, and I’m growing it organically by following/retweeting people who write about military drones (and civilian drones adapted for use in conflict) and by using relevant hashtags. I chose the title to suggest the idea of an ongoing stream of coverage…and because it happened to be available.

Note that modern drones don’t just fly; they can swim in the ocean and walk or roll on land. Drone War Journal covers all of the above, along with related tech like communications networks and Artifical Intelligence. Check it out today, unless SkyNet gets there first….


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