Mixing Up the Advocacy Inbox Routine for Fun & Profit

Yes, that's a message in a bottle

Greetings from the land of brain fog! I just spent an intense few days in Bucharest for the political side of the ICEEfest digital marketing conference, followed by meetings and more (pro tip: a memory of the texture of brain on the tongue does not ease the jet lag, at least for me).

Fortunately, some good deeds do come home to roost, and while I was gone, Jeanette Russell and the team at Blackbaud were getting ready to post an article I wrapped up for them before I left. The topic: ten ways to put your email list to work that DON’T involve action alerts or fundraisers, though they SHOULD help prepare the ground for those harder-edged actions. Experienced digital campaigners won’t find too much that’s surprising on the list, but it never hurts to be reminded of the options. And perhaps they’ll spark an entirely new idea to help break out of the same old inbox routine!

Next up from the Blackbaud-Epolitics.com collaboration: connecting email and Facebook, via Custom Audiences, lead-generation ads and more. Plus, don’t miss two pieces that went live earlier this year:

Of course, you can also check out the super-advocate guide that Jeanette and I put together for Bbaud last year. Enjoy! Mmmmm, brains….


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