Social Media News: August, 2017

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Political-Social Grab Bag: August, 2017

What’s New to Think About?

I spent almost 20 hours last week watching (or trying to watch demos) of a variety of social listening platforms for a client. Out of that I have two observations to share:

  • First, many of these platforms seem to think that if you aren’t spending $20k a year for their tool, then you aren’t worth the time to do a demo for you in a timely fashion.
  • Second, there still isn’t a platform for social listening that really answers the needs for political organizing, imho.

The good news- I found one who is willing to listen to what we have to say and try to build out a module just for organizing at an affordable pricing model…so what features would you want in such a tool?

Tweet at me or email me and I’ll put the list together and share with them. Stay tuned!

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