Colin Delany Email, Events September 8, 2016

The Future of Email?

Hi folks, I’ll be on stage at the Inbox Summit East event in DC on Friday, moderating a panel on The Future of Email. The whole agenda looks interesting as hell, and I hope to get there early enough to take notes in most of the discussions. Major topics include:

  • The email deliverability crisis
  • The state of email marketing
  • Lessons from the political campaigns
  • What the millennials & mobile mean for email

And of course our own forward-looking panel, which will pull together threads from the earlier sessions. One important question: when will social media raise more money for political and advocacy groups than email? Beth Becker and I have $20 and a large, two-item pizza riding on the answer (she says by 2020; I’m skeptical). Serious business, indeed.

Look me up if you’re there, and note that if you miss our 2:15 panel, it will be at grave peril to your soul.


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