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Beth Becker’s latest “Political Social Grab Bag” e-newsletter is out, and you should check out the whole April issue archived right here, an online exclusive. Sign up now to get the next Political Social Grab Bag delivered straight to your inbox.

Besides the tool updates excerpted below, the full version includes essential reading, a look at upcoming webinars, the ever-popular “don’t try this at home” section, who’s winning the internet, and more. Take it away, Beth:

Political Social Media Grab Bag: June, 2016

Platform Updates

As social media practitioners, one of our biggest challenges is keeping up with changes to the platforms we all use. I’ll try to provide info on the bigger updates to help you keep pace.

Facebook & Instagram


Other Platforms

You Tube


But wait, there’s more! That was just a taste — continue on to the full June edition. Thanks, Beth!

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