New Tools and Essential Social Media Reading: April, 2016

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Besides the reading list and tool updates excerpted below, the full version includes a look at upcoming webinars, the ever-popular “don’t try this at home” section, who’s winning the internet, and more. Take it away, Beth:

Political Social Media Grab Bag: April, 2016

What I’m Reading

The most informative or thought-provoking articles of the month (IMHO)


Make yourself look good with the most interesting and promising tools of the month.

  • CrowdTangle Chrome Extension — I’ve been using this for a while.  Check any link to see share counts, referrals sources and even comments.
  • ActionSprout Profile Campaigns — note these are now available in a more limited capacity on Facebook itself but the AS version is more customizable for our uses in the political space imho.
  • — Type in any text and it will find fair0use images and overlay it with all kinds of fonts etc that you can then go in and customize even further.  Use THIS link to directly bypass the beta invite phase and start using it right away.
  • Crowdskout — Just had a demo of this one today so I haven’t used it yet but it looks to be a very robust toolbox for managing data across platforms.
  • If you must use stock photos….

But wait, there’s more! That was just a taste — continue on to the full April edition.

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