#GivingTuesday Kicks Off the Year-End Fundraising Frenzy

Giving Tuesday

Welcome to Giving Tuesday! The now-annual tradition fills our email inboxes to the bursting with fundraising appeals from stale to innovative, but mostly noteworthy for their sheer volume. It’s not a problem if you’re only on a list or two, i, but the extended base of regular online donors is another story — they’re likely being hit from all sides. Will if as many groups will see as much success with #GivingTuesday this year, as the novelty fades but more groups take part?

Either way, today’s burst of gimme-gimme kicks off the year-end fundraising season, when many charities and advocacy organizations raise the bulk of their individual donations. If you DON’T have your full email sequence approved, formatted and scheduled to send, never fear! You still have time for a narrative arc, a donor match, at heart-tugging tale and all of the other manipulative tactics we online fundraisers have come to love…and to depend on.

Below are a few articles to get you going Just make sure your bank account is ready for the flood of love before you read them….

Go forth and conquer!


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Colin Delany
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