Will the Crowded Republican Presidential Field Spark a Wave of Digital Innovation?

Three 2016 Republican Presidential candidates

Brain hungry? You need food for though! Check out the latest Technology Bytes column on CampaignsAndElections.com for a quick burst of mental nourishment. First up: the vast array of Republicans running for President is good for comedians, but will it also spark major innovations on the Right?

Sure, Trump’s a joke and Carson’s campaign may be imploding before our eyes, but Bush, Rubio, Paul, Fiorino, Walker, et al, are making serious and likely sophisticated runs for the White House.

In the process, they’ll be training plenty of new digital and grassroots staffers. Building completely new technology may be beyond the capacity of most campaigns themselves, but they could be creating the kind of critical mass of staff that has led to a vibrant ecosystem of firms and technologists on the Left. Will 2016 be a turning point for the Digital Right?

Also in this month’s issue: should you follow Hillary Clinton’s lead and build an Instagram, Periscope and LinkedIn strategy? Only one way to find out….


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Colin Delany
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